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Statin drugs may be the most toxic drug you are taking! Consider Niacin to control your cholesterol.

It’s time to update an article I wrote well over a year ago when I was recovering from statin drug toxicity. At the time, it was attacking all of my tendons and muscles and I spent 8 months in pain without relief. It took over one year to fully recover, leaving me without any medication to control my high cholesterol. However, my doctor had me try Niacin to lower my cholesterol and in one month, over 20 points, as well as my LDL. My HDL was raised significantly. The only side effect was a slight flushing sensation, which quickly went away. A new generation of doctors is now prescribing statin drugs as the last resort, using diet, exercise, weight loss and Niacin. They are not buying the bullshit that the drug companies are peddling. Think again about that little pill you take and read this article. It may save your life!

It appears that the Republican Party is overlooking the only candidate who can win. That’s Jon Huntsman!

It’s time again for RPO to give some advise to the GOP, not that they want any advise from me! Nearly all of the candidates have more baggage than you’ll find on the Orient Express! After watching most of the debates, I feel that I’ve been thrown back in time watching “What’s My Line?” with John Daley. If the Republicans seriously want to win in 2012, they’re overlooking the only candidate who can bring in the Independent vote. That’s Jon Huntsman!

Are you taking Statin Drugs for lowering your cholesterol? They may be killing you!!

If anyone was wondering why RPO has been silent for the past two months, it’s due to my toxic reaction to statin drugs for elevated levels of cholesterol. For the past four months, or more, I’ve been suffering from a toxic reaction to Simvastatin, the generic form of Zocor. It took three doctors to diagnose it, as when you get old as dirt at my age, they kiss you off by telling you its arthritis. By the time I was diagnosed, I could barely walk and the pain in both my shoulder and arms was unbearable! One little pill that I was taking for 10 years turned out to be the cause of this suffering! And guess what…..It’s the most popular drug on the market and prescribed for more people than any other drug!

Islamophobia: It appears to be alive and well in America!

In all of my 70 years, I have never seen such hatred in the past several months against Islam in general! I grew up during WW II when the Japanese were referred to less than human and American Japanese were interred in concentration camps during the War. After WW II, Sen. Joseph McCarthy had us looking for Communists everywhere, while many innocent people had their lives crushed. During the Vietnam War, anti-war protesters were beaten in the streets and called traitors. President George W. Bush gave probably the best speech in his life to the nation on the night of September 11th. When addressing the world’s Muslim people, “I also want to speak tonight directly to Muslims throughout the world. We respect your faith. It's practiced freely by many millions of Americans and by millions more in countries that America counts as friends. Its teachings are good and peaceful, and those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah.” Have we forgotten that night and how it united the nation, as well as the World! It appears that we have!

“The Birthers” on Obama’s citizenship! Give me a break and get a life!

This is the first time RPO has chosen to re-run an article that is just one year old! It was regarding an idiotic notion that then Presidential Candidate Barack Obama was not a U.S. citizen. There are now enough of these idiots to actually give them a name….The Birthers!

Ubisoft's Far Cry 2 & their inability to correct their server for the game.

I have purchased 4 copies of the PC version of FAR CRY 2. I have had a continuous problem with their game server. You can see many online games, few of which shows a ping of 9999. One of these is my son's gane. The server will not allow you to connect to these games. I have e-mailed Ubisoft about the problem and the keep saying that it is a problem in my end with the internet security software and router firmware not being updated. The server also disconnects your account fron the server in the middle of a game.

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