Corporate America

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America’s Health Insurance Crisis: Watch the last documentary by the late Peter Jennings and decide for yourself!

SnagFilms is a new website offering virtual theaters for documentaries. This organization offers websites such as this one and others to feature documentaries, which you may not have seen and those which you would never get the opportunity to see. There is minimal advertising and it offers full screen view, by clicking on the last icon at the bottom right, below the screen. Without any comment on the subject, you can watch it now on RPO.

The Descent of the American Economy: Deficit Savings, Debt and a Downfall into Recession!

By the time I’m finished writing this piece, many of you will be deeper in debt and sinking fast. Back in September, one of the first articles written for RPO on Spetember1, 2007 was The plunging Real Estate Market: Is this the tip of the iceberg? It was a serious assessment of what was happening to the American Economy, and it prophesied a serious Recession.

The Democratic Party Dilemma: Leading with its heart instead of its brain!

Once again, the Democratic Party appears to be following its regular path to destruction, when it comes to nominating a candidate who can win the national Election. The prophetic words of Bill Clinton “Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line” once more may spell doom for the Democratic Party in the 2008 Presidential Election, as it has historically done so in the past.

Kevin Martin and the FCC’s vote on consolidation of the media on December 18th: Prepare to become dumber than you already are!

On December 18th, The FCC will host an Open Meeting to decide whether to allow Corporate America to monopolize the ownership of newspapers, television and radio, within a local area. In spite of outrage by the General Public, the House of Representatives and the Senate, Chairman Kevin J. Martin plans to give away the store and allow the “Corporate Media Giants” to receive an early Christmas present!

China: The grinch who stole Christmas! Are you placing your children’s safety at risk this Holiday season?

Having a problem as what to buy this year for Christmas? Are those toys safe? How about that clothing you wanted get for the kids, or for that matter, yourself? You’ve just entered the twilight zone of the world economy, and it’s starting to look really ugly. What you’ve saved in cheaply manufactured goods may well have to pay for medical treatment for lead and formaldehyde poisoning!

Panasonic; “Ideas for (a short) life!” What would we do without Planned Obsolescence?

Panasonic has been using that slogan, “Ideas for life” since Hector was a pup, and it has brought them to the top of the electronics industry. Even I was smitten with what they produced, and considered them top of the line. Well, in today’s market, there is no “top of the line” any longer, as whatever you purchase, chances are that it’s going to crap out long before you expect it. The golden rule of manufacturing today is “can we make it last before the warranty runs out?

Have you just been screwed by Corporate America? How to really piss them off and as well as getting what you want!

Have you just been screwed by Corporate America? How to really piss them off and as well as getting what you want! Every consumer in America, at one time, has been screwed by Corporate America! You just purchased something….it doesn’t work! The service you received made things worse! Your vacation became a nightmare! Do you want to really piss off Corporate America and receive what you’re entitled to? Here’s the way to do it!!!

The plunging Real Estate Market: Is it the tip of the iceberg?

Yes……if you take a good look into your stock portfolio, you may feel like you’re rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic! Over the past month, we’ve seen the Stock Market tumble nearly one thousand points, after the market went over the 14,000 mark, only to rebound as the Fed started to dump cash into the banks. We all know that the rush to invest into the Real Estate market was on everyone’s plate over the past few years. How could you go wrong?

Get the lead out, Mattel!

When is the bottom line more important than our children’s health?

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