Corporate America

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What the Republicans can always rely on; Democrats acting like Democrats!

For over forty years, I was a Republican. In fact, I was a Goldwater Conservative and argued in my high school Current Affairs class that I should be allowed to read the then conservative Los Angeles Times, rather than the required liberal New York Times! That was in 1957! So here I am now, in front of my keyboard, trying to defend Democrats and save their seats in Congress! The strangest of all is that my politics haven’t changed that much! Just as strange is that Democrats continue to act like Democrats while the Republicans take the vote and laugh all the way to Washington!

The Anger In America: It’s The Economy, Stupid!

There is more anger in America today than any time other than the Viet Nam War. Those of us who lived through it saw rioting in the streets and a truly divided nation. There was no question as to what that anger was directed to: The War! Once again, Americans are angry! They have good reason to be, but they brought it on, in part, by themselves. The “average American” was sold a bill of goods that promised them “The American Dream” but they became the victims of corporate greed and that of their own.

Disaster in the Gulf: Why does it appear that everything we try to do turns to shit!

What appeared to be a leak by BP in the Gulf of Mexico is now probably the worst ecological disaster of our lifetime! Unfortunately, there appears to be no immediate solution to stop it. The only way to stop it is to drill a relief well, which may take several months to drill, as it may have to down as much as 13,000 feet to intercept the existing well. In the meantime, it is estimated that between 250,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of oil a day is spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. What have we let loose?

Congress and the Health Care Bill: This performance is right out of “Comedy Central”!

With the performance by both the Democrats and the Republicans over that past several weeks, it’s definitely time to change back to an Independent! Never in my near 70 years have I seen such a debacle in Washington, D.C. Both Parties have shown their true colors. The Democrats have absolutely no backbone and the Republicans have the biggest brass balls in town.

The Obama Presidency: Is The State Of The Union in a State Of Gridlock!

It was a little over a year ago when the most of nation felt that the hands of government had been handed to a President that would set us towards a new direction, even in an economic crisis. A year has passed and the nation seems to be no better off and its government in total gridlock.

The Senate Health Care Bill: Is a half a loaf better than none at all?

I’ve been biding my time on this one as the Senate has continued to strip all of the “Reform” from H.R, 3962, passed on November 7, 2009. The U.S. Senate continues to obstruct any meaningful reform for the General Public, whether it is The Credit Card Holder’s Bill of Rights or the Health Reform Act of 2009. In nearly every case, 100 men and women, elected by their constituency, have blindly followed the money trail left by the Lobbyists of Corporate America to screw the American Public!

President Obama and Health Care Reform Act: The honeymoon is over so it’s time for some “tough love”!

We have come to the end of the road as far as any bi-partisan Health Care Reform! First of all, there was never going to be any give by the Republicans on this issue, or for any other. For the past nine months, I’ve watched President Obama attempt to deal with not so “loyal opposition” in an attempt to reach a bi-partisan Health Care Bill.

Bailed out banks response to the U.S. taxpayer: You play ball with me and I’ll stick the bat up your ass!

Just in case you haven’t looked at your latest credit card statement or that letter in fine print from your bank regarding your credit card that you tossed away, there is a good chance that your interest rate just went up! The banks that you and I have just bailed out to the tune of nearly $200 billion taxpayer dollars are arbitrarily increasing their interest rates on nearly any account they decide is delinquent, endanger of default or in good standing!

RPO told you a month ago how to rebuild the Economy. What we told you in February remains the same for March. Fix the banks!

A month has passed since our take on the Economic Crisis, and all the great minds advising President Obama have little to show for their efforts. Although we may be in uncharted territory, there is one possible solution to finding the bottom of this Depression. Unfortunately, it comes with a big price and a heavy heart for the tax payer.

The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act: You have to stop the bleeding before the patient begins to recover!

After listening to the President and Congress, it is becoming apparent that everyone has missed point regarding turning the Economy around. With any patient undergoing a major trauma, you first must stop the bleeding! In this case, the bleeding is the continuing foreclosure rate increase, which is bleeding the Economy dry.

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