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American Politics: What does God have to do with it?

Exactly when did God find his or her way into American Politics? It appears that all of the Presidential candidates have had to define their religious beliefs, as an integral part of their candidacy and platform! Personally, I really don’t give a damn what their religious beliefs are, but more importantly, why should we be obsessed with this irrelevant matter. It should be irrelevant as far as the American public is concerned. It may or may not be for the particular candidate. How have we arrived at this point in History?

The Fear Factor and how it controls American minds and American politics!

As citizens of the United States of America, we are, without a doubt, the safest nation in the world. We are the only Super Power left standing after the 20th Century of Total War and as well as the Cold War. After the fall of the Soviet Union, The United States remained the only nation who could influence any other nation in the world. We have the most advanced and best equipped Armed Forces of any nation today. Yet, Americans are becoming paranoid regarding their safety.

What’s wrong with America in the 21st Century! The American mindset of “Rugged Individualism” and the “Last Frontier.”

Why is America falling behind among the most advanced nations in the world? In Life Expectancy, we are rated 11th, just behind Austria with a rating of 75.0 years. Japan is rated number 1 at 79.1. On Health Coverage, the United States is rated last, after Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. These figures are frightening, if you consider how far behind we have fallen over the past 20 years! In Education, the United States was rated 18th out of the top 24 nations in the world, and Finland was rated Number One! What does that say regarding America’s future?

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