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The Democratic Convention in Denver: Will it be unity or chaos?

Once again, we see the Democratic Party about to fall into the abyss. The Democratic Convention in Denver will either make or break the 2008 Election for the Democrats. Historically, the Democratic Party found itself once again in this same position. One would think that they would have learned from their previous experiences.

America’s Health Insurance Crisis: Watch the last documentary by the late Peter Jennings and decide for yourself!

SnagFilms is a new website offering virtual theaters for documentaries. This organization offers websites such as this one and others to feature documentaries, which you may not have seen and those which you would never get the opportunity to see. There is minimal advertising and it offers full screen view, by clicking on the last icon at the bottom right, below the screen. Without any comment on the subject, you can watch it now on RPO.

Barack Obama’s citizenship: There’s no doubt about it in spite of all the disinformation!

There is no doubt about two things in this world. One is that there is more disinformation on the Internet than you can deal with! The other is that Barack Obama is a citizen of the United States and is therefore qualified to be President!

George Carlin dead at 71: One of the funniest comedians of our time as well as our best social critic!

George Carlin died on June 22nd at 5:55 P.M. at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA from an apparent heart attack. Carlin was a disciple of Lennie Bruce. After Bruce’s death, Carlin took up the torch, not only to continue “doing bits” but establishing himself as one of our best social critics, calling it as he saw it. Some criticized him for his “offbeat” humor, but Carlin could hit the nail right on the head! He will be sorely missed by anyone who actually liked to clear their heads of all the bullshit out there!!

It’s the same bullshit up here!

Barack Obama and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright: The “Race Card” is finally played!

I wondered how long it was going to take to play the Race Card, but it finally got it’s play with the recent flurry of concern over Reverend Jeremiah Wright! This time it came in the back door by way of religion, in particular, the Trinity United Church of Christ and The the clips of Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Some of you may ask why this apparent ou

The Philadelphia Democratic Debate: Is “The Fourth Estate” dumbing down the American voter?

Charles Gibson of Good Morning America and George Stephanopoulos of “This Week” continued to prove that The American Media is more interested in looking for their own talking points than asking substantive questions of candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. A debate is only as good as the questions asked, and ABC struck out on this one!

The Descent of the American Economy: Deficit Savings, Debt and a Downfall into Recession!

By the time I’m finished writing this piece, many of you will be deeper in debt and sinking fast. Back in September, one of the first articles written for RPO on Spetember1, 2007 was The plunging Real Estate Market: Is this the tip of the iceberg? It was a serious assessment of what was happening to the American Economy, and it prophesied a serious Recession.

Eliot Spitzer’s fall from Grace, or was it Kristen? America’s preoccupation with Sex while decrying it as the devil’s workshop!

We’ll probably never know whether it was arrogance or a pattern of self-destruction that brought down former Governor Eliot Spitzer. The “sheriff of Wall Street” has been gunned down at the OK Corral. He should have gone to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch near Carson City, NV. Had he done so, Spitzer would still be Governor of New York!

Decision time for the Democratic Party: Barack Obama is the candidate to defeat John McCain!

It’s become more and more apparent that the Democrats are not coming to this website. The Republicans have, as they took our advise in choosing the winning Presidential Candidate as John McCain prepares to begin his Presidential Campaign, while the Democrats are heading into the murky waters of a brokered convention!

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