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This coming Presidential Election is probably the most important and significant election in our lifetime. This is not a beauty contest! Whoever wins the election will set the direction of this country for the next twenty years. At this point in time, there should be NO undecided voters! If they are, then they are, then they have been living on some island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or in a coma for the past decade! The choice is whether we continue into the Twenty First Century or do we go back to the Nineteenth or early Twentieth Century! Although the Economy is forefront in the mix, but we are a divided nation and the real debate is not only on the Economy but also on Social Issues.

Elizabeth Warren verses Scott Brown: Who is telling the truth?

The Senate race in Massachusetts is different than any other Senate or Congressional race in the country. The reason is that the Republican incumbent, Sen. Scott Brown appears as what once was the noble tradition of being a “Moderate Republican.” That breed of Republican is long gone and in its place is a far Right Conservative who makes Barry Goldwater look like a piker! Who is Scott Brown? Elizabeth Warren represents what many voters have looked for in a candidate. That is someone who has not been tarnished by Washington and truly represents the principles of the Democratic Party. You know exactly who she is.

The problem with America in the 21st Century! The American mindset of “Rugged Individualism” and the end of “Last Frontier.

I have chosen to re-write an article I wrote back in October of 2007, as what I said then is just as pertinent now as it was then. Only some of the issues and talking points have changed. Back in 2007, I was discussing the decline in American life expectancy and education. Now, with the upcoming election, moral issues and the role in government have taken the headlines. In particular, the rights of women have become one of the major issues of this campaign and what is the role in government in our everyday lives. The nation appears to be divided on these two issues and we should have a better understanding how we got here and why.

President Obama’s conundrum: What to do in Afghanistan, or is it Pakistan?

In recent weeks, President Obama has been meeting with his military and foreign affairs advisors regarding our mission in Afghanistan. General Stanley McCrystal has openly requested 40,000 more troops to “avoid failure” in Afghanistan. Why the delay in the decision? Perhaps it is a decision as to what our mission in Afghanistan is, and why Pakistan may well hold the trump card.

President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize: Is it on merit or is it a message?

Aside from President Obama, no one was more surprised than I was when I heard the news that he had been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” It appears that he was nominated twelve days after taking Office in January, but the vote was taken recently. Therefore the Norwegian Nobel Award Committee has had nine months to ponder over their choice.

President George W. Bush: Some thoughts on the legacy of a failed Presidency.

The time is near when we can speak of President George W. Bush in the past tense, although he leaves a living legacy, which will probably outlive most of those who bother to read this. This legacy has been placed at the feet of President Barack Obama, who will take the responsibility of undoing what’s been done to America over these eight painful years. As the curtain closes on the Bush Administration, the future of America has not looked this dim since the election of Abraham Lincoln and the shadow of a Civil War.

The Presidential Election of 2008: Why you should vote for Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Joe Biden.

With only three weeks left in the campaign, there are few, but a small number of independents who know who they are going to vote for. The pundits and the polls all favor Barack Obama, heading into the homestretch, but the race may be much closer than that. Both candidates, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama are both honorable men.

The Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act: Isn’t it time that the Bush Administration begins to “Support Our Troops”?

Once again, Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia has stepped up to the plate to improve conditions for our fighting men and women in the Armed Services. This is not the first time he’s done so, as RPO supported The Webb-Hagel Amendment this past September, which would have allowed equal time at home between deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. It went down to defeat, yet it is now being implemented by the Armed Forces as we speak!

The Descent of the American Economy: Deficit Savings, Debt and a Downfall into Recession!

By the time I’m finished writing this piece, many of you will be deeper in debt and sinking fast. Back in September, one of the first articles written for RPO on Spetember1, 2007 was The plunging Real Estate Market: Is this the tip of the iceberg? It was a serious assessment of what was happening to the American Economy, and it prophesied a serious Recession.

Obama verses McCain: A watershed in American History! How they stand on Iraq!

It may be presumptuous to consider the candidates duly chosen by the voters and their delegates, but this is the likely outcome for the November sweepstakes. In its wake lies the direction of this nation, well into the Twenty-First Century. We’ve seen too much of the past over the last seven years of the disastrous Bush Administration.

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