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This coming Presidential Election is probably the most important and significant election in our lifetime. This is not a beauty contest! Whoever wins the election will set the direction of this country for the next twenty years. At this point in time, there should be NO undecided voters! If they are, then they are, then they have been living on some island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or in a coma for the past decade! The choice is whether we continue into the Twenty First Century or do we go back to the Nineteenth or early Twentieth Century! Although the Economy is forefront in the mix, but we are a divided nation and the real debate is not only on the Economy but also on Social Issues.

Elizabeth Warren verses Scott Brown: Who is telling the truth?

The Senate race in Massachusetts is different than any other Senate or Congressional race in the country. The reason is that the Republican incumbent, Sen. Scott Brown appears as what once was the noble tradition of being a “Moderate Republican.” That breed of Republican is long gone and in its place is a far Right Conservative who makes Barry Goldwater look like a piker! Who is Scott Brown? Elizabeth Warren represents what many voters have looked for in a candidate. That is someone who has not been tarnished by Washington and truly represents the principles of the Democratic Party. You know exactly who she is.

The problem with America in the 21st Century! The American mindset of “Rugged Individualism” and the end of “Last Frontier.

I have chosen to re-write an article I wrote back in October of 2007, as what I said then is just as pertinent now as it was then. Only some of the issues and talking points have changed. Back in 2007, I was discussing the decline in American life expectancy and education. Now, with the upcoming election, moral issues and the role in government have taken the headlines. In particular, the rights of women have become one of the major issues of this campaign and what is the role in government in our everyday lives. The nation appears to be divided on these two issues and we should have a better understanding how we got here and why.

The television news media in America: The dumbing down of a nation!

When you turn in the news, whether it is local or national, do you feel that you might be missing something? Perhaps not, if you have already been brainwashed into believing that what you get for news today is complete and comprehensive. If you do, then please join me at shouting out at “the Media” for packaging the news into news bites and fluff, which gives us nothing except the same garbage, whatever station you turn to.

It appears that the Republican Party is overlooking the only candidate who can win. That’s Jon Huntsman!

It’s time again for RPO to give some advise to the GOP, not that they want any advise from me! Nearly all of the candidates have more baggage than you’ll find on the Orient Express! After watching most of the debates, I feel that I’ve been thrown back in time watching “What’s My Line?” with John Daley. If the Republicans seriously want to win in 2012, they’re overlooking the only candidate who can bring in the Independent vote. That’s Jon Huntsman!

Our government in action: “The Three Stooges” are back!

I’ve been so disgusted with what I’ve seen over the past several months that the last thing I wanted to do was even think about how foolish our government has acted! I just can’t take it anymore. The only comparison I can come up with is “The Three Stooges”, which were popular in the 1930s and 1940s. It was pure slapstick. You didn’t have to think about it! In the midst of the worst crisis since the Great Depression, we get a comedy act!

Crisis in Egypt: Democracy or Despotism? Be careful what you wish for!

As I sit down to write this article, History is in the making and no one knows how it will play out in Egypt or in the rest of the Middle East. All it took was a small successful demonstration in Tunisia earlier this month to prove that the strong arm governments of the Middle East are ready to topple. Some attribute it to the social network of the 21st Century. Others would claim that time had run out with these governments. In the meantime, the linchpin of the United States’ Middle East policy has depended upon our relations with Egypt for the past 40 years. All that now is in jeopardy.

What’s the Number One priority for the New Year? It’s Jobs!

As I waste more time than I should listening to the pundits talking about the next Congress and what their agenda should be focused on, the same subject keeps coming up. It’s the budget deficit! Perhaps that deserves to be Number Two on the list. But the Number One priority is JOBS, and that’s one way to deal with the budget deficit. The more people employed, the more revenue brought in and the less unemployment benefits paid out. You can’t deal with the deficit unless you can employ America’s workforce!

President Obama’s conundrum: What to do in Afghanistan, or is it Pakistan?

In recent weeks, President Obama has been meeting with his military and foreign affairs advisors regarding our mission in Afghanistan. General Stanley McCrystal has openly requested 40,000 more troops to “avoid failure” in Afghanistan. Why the delay in the decision? Perhaps it is a decision as to what our mission in Afghanistan is, and why Pakistan may well hold the trump card.

President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize: Is it on merit or is it a message?

Aside from President Obama, no one was more surprised than I was when I heard the news that he had been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” It appears that he was nominated twelve days after taking Office in January, but the vote was taken recently. Therefore the Norwegian Nobel Award Committee has had nine months to ponder over their choice.

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