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The Paulson Bailout Plan - TARP: Is it the Troubled Asset Relief Program or Tucking it up the Ass of a Reluctant Public?

Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson and FED Chairman Ben Bernanke advised both the Congress and the nation on September 17th that an immediate Wall Street bailout is needed to avoid Wall Street from falling into a Black Hole and taking the Economy down with it!

The Sarah Palin Vice Presidential nomination: Is John McCain a “maverick” or a “loose cannon”?

Nearly everyone has an opinion of Gov. Sarah Palin as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, and their expressing it on the Internet, talk radio, television, newspapers and jokes. Very little has been said of Sen. John McCain’s wisdom as a Presidential candidate, who if elected, will be 72 years old when sworn in next January.

The Republican Convention unites the party: Will the real John McCain please stand up!

The Republican Convention appears to have been a success as the McCain-Palin ticket has united the Republican Party, and is prepared to go head to head with the Democratic ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Does trouble lie ahead for the Republican ticket?

Barack Obama gives the speech of his career in Denver: The red meat is on the bone! The Democrats are prepared for battle!

There can be no doubt after Thursday’s night's speech that Barack Obama is more than ready to take on the Republicans. The question of whether he’s tough enough was finally answered before more than 80 thousand people in Mile High Stadium!

The Democratic Convention in Denver: Will it be unity or chaos?

Once again, we see the Democratic Party about to fall into the abyss. The Democratic Convention in Denver will either make or break the 2008 Election for the Democrats. Historically, the Democratic Party found itself once again in this same position. One would think that they would have learned from their previous experiences.

The Housing Bill is signed into law: Is it a double edged sword?

The badly needed Housing Bill was signed by a reluctant President Bush, establishing a $300 billion fund to help qualified homeowners avoid foreclosure, as well as a blank check bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack.

America’s Health Insurance Crisis: Watch the last documentary by the late Peter Jennings and decide for yourself!

SnagFilms is a new website offering virtual theaters for documentaries. This organization offers websites such as this one and others to feature documentaries, which you may not have seen and those which you would never get the opportunity to see. There is minimal advertising and it offers full screen view, by clicking on the last icon at the bottom right, below the screen. Without any comment on the subject, you can watch it now on RPO.

Barack Obama’s citizenship: There’s no doubt about it in spite of all the disinformation!

There is no doubt about two things in this world. One is that there is more disinformation on the Internet than you can deal with! The other is that Barack Obama is a citizen of the United States and is therefore qualified to be President!

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