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RPO told you a month ago how to rebuild the Economy. What we told you in February remains the same for March. Fix the banks!

A month has passed since our take on the Economic Crisis, and all the great minds advising President Obama have little to show for their efforts. Although we may be in uncharted territory, there is one possible solution to finding the bottom of this Depression. Unfortunately, it comes with a big price and a heavy heart for the tax payer.

The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act: You have to stop the bleeding before the patient begins to recover!

After listening to the President and Congress, it is becoming apparent that everyone has missed point regarding turning the Economy around. With any patient undergoing a major trauma, you first must stop the bleeding! In this case, the bleeding is the continuing foreclosure rate increase, which is bleeding the Economy dry.

President George W. Bush: Some thoughts on the legacy of a failed Presidency.

The time is near when we can speak of President George W. Bush in the past tense, although he leaves a living legacy, which will probably outlive most of those who bother to read this. This legacy has been placed at the feet of President Barack Obama, who will take the responsibility of undoing what’s been done to America over these eight painful years. As the curtain closes on the Bush Administration, the future of America has not looked this dim since the election of Abraham Lincoln and the shadow of a Civil War.

How to turn The Economy around? It’s all about JOBS, stupid!

Although I slept through Economics 101 when I was in college, you don’t need a degree in Economics to figure out that the only way to stop this economic landslide is to stop the loss of jobs and to create new jobs for a new “Economy!” The latest figure released for the month of November for the number of jobs lost was 533,000! now that the government has finally decided that we’re in a Recession, which began in December 2007,we’ve lost 1.9 million jobs and counting! What’s the outlook for 2009? That’s a question without an answer!

Bailing out Detroit: Dammed if we do and damned if we don’t!

It appears that we have come to the edge of the precipice, as the “Big Three” face bankruptcy! Former GM CEO Charles Wilson has been quoted as saying “What’s good for General Motors is good for the country.” Actually, what Wilson said was ….”What’s good for the country is good for General Motors, and vice versa.” Although misquoted for the past 55 years, unfortunately there is nothing further from the truth in this disastrous Economy! It also can be said for the other “Big Two”!

An Obama Presidency: The end of Imperial Democracy and how it is anticipated by the rest of the World.

The votes have been cast and Sen. Barack Obama is now the President-Elect of the United States. How you anticipate his Presidency depends upon how you voted on November 4th. The matter discussed here is how an Obama Presidency appears in the eyes of the rest of the World. Over the past eight years, The United States displayed what could be called Imperial Democracy to an unbelieving world and has lost much of the admiration of a World that had at one time respected us.

The surging Economic Crisis: Round Two – The Credit Card Crunch!

I hate being the harbinger of doom, but there is another crisis about to hit the stage, just when you were becoming adjusted to the ups and downs of Wall Street. We’re about to be hit by the Credit Card Crunch, which has been quietly hiding behind the recent headlines. Not everyone was unaware of this, as it was about to take center stage when Wall Street crashed. It’s been riding on the back of Wall Street and is now going to become a major player.

The Presidential Election of 2008: Why you should vote for Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Joe Biden.

With only three weeks left in the campaign, there are few, but a small number of independents who know who they are going to vote for. The pundits and the polls all favor Barack Obama, heading into the homestretch, but the race may be much closer than that. Both candidates, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama are both honorable men.

The Economy: Is it “The End of Days?” Is The Rapture watching your money go to Heaven and leaving you behind?

The scenario…..a Boeing 747 flies at 30,000 feet when suddenly…..a puff of white smoke and everyone is left on the plane but their wallets are gone to Heaven! Are we seeing the End Of Days? Has The Rapture begun? That’s what seems to have happened not only on Wall Street but all over the world.

The defeat of H.R. 3997 The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act: What does Wall Street and Main Street have in common?

By a vote of 228 to 205, the House of Representatives demonstrated their lack of courage in the face of Public Opinion. As each member of the House received emails, letters and telephone calls in a ratio of 100 to 1 against this measure, the big losers in this game of chess is Main Street. Wall Street dropped nearly 778 points, while the NASDAQ fell nearly 200 points.

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