What’s wrong with America in the 21st Century! The American mindset of “Rugged Individualism” and the “Last Frontier.”

Why is America falling behind among the most advanced nations in the world? In Life Expectancy, we are rated 11th, just behind Austria with a rating of 75.0 years. Japan is rated number 1 at 79.1. On Health Coverage, the United States is rated last, after Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. These figures are frightening, if you consider how far behind we have fallen over the past 20 years! In Education, the United States was rated 18th out of the top 24 nations in the world, and Finland was rated Number One! What does that say regarding America’s future?

The Kurdish PKK’s attacks on Turkey: The insurgency in Iraq that no one is talking about.

While the American news media reports sporadically regarding the insurgency in Iraq, we never hear of the unrest and insurgency that has battle lines drawn between the Kurds in the north of Iraq and Turkey. As recently as Sunday, October 7, 2007, Turkish forces were said to have shelled Iraqi territory, as a result of an attack by the PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party), during which 13 Turkish soldiers were killed in the southern province of Simak, Turkey. Kurdish farmers showed observers the craters left by Turkish artillery shells, which were well inside Iraqi territory.

Panasonic; “Ideas for (a short) life!” What would we do without Planned Obsolescence?

Panasonic has been using that slogan, “Ideas for life” since Hector was a pup, and it has brought them to the top of the electronics industry. Even I was smitten with what they produced, and considered them top of the line. Well, in today’s market, there is no “top of the line” any longer, as whatever you purchase, chances are that it’s going to crap out long before you expect it. The golden rule of manufacturing today is “can we make it last before the warranty runs out?

The Democratic Debate in New Hampshire: The “Big Three” sound like Republicans, except for Richardson!

To anyone who witnessed the Democratic Debate at Dartmouth College on September 26th, you would never know whether you were listening to a Democrat or a Republican regarding Iraq! Clinton, Obama and Edwards all implied that U.S. Armed Forces could still be deployed in Iraq at the end of their First Term! Once again, the Democratic Party is afraid to take a stand!

President Mahmaud Admadinejad’s speech at Columbia University: Has the door slightly opened for diplomacy?

Iranian President Mahmaud Admadinejad’s request to speak at Columbia University and to lay a wreath at Ground Zero has Americans going ballistic!

The defeat of the Webb – Hagel Amendment: The continuation of bleeding our Armed Forces dry!

The Webb – Hagel Amendment went down to defeat on a partisan vote of 56 Yeas to 44 Nays on the Senate at 5:30 PM on September 19, 2007. It was a bi-partisan lifeline to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan that would have allowed our troops an equal amount of time home, before they were redeployed. It also included that no Reserve or National Guard Unit could be redeployed within three years of their previous deployment. It crashed in the halls of the Senate and those who voted against it now have blood on their hands.

Have you just been screwed by Corporate America? How to really piss them off and as well as getting what you want!

Have you just been screwed by Corporate America? How to really piss them off and as well as getting what you want! Every consumer in America, at one time, has been screwed by Corporate America! You just purchased something….it doesn’t work! The service you received made things worse! Your vacation became a nightmare! Do you want to really piss off Corporate America and receive what you’re entitled to? Here’s the way to do it!!!

President Bush’s Report to the Nation: Iraq has now become our 51st State!

It’s nice to know that now we have brought Democracy to Iraq, it will be now included in our AAA Guide Books as our newly acquired Fifty-First State! Most of the highways will be either not recommended for travel or under construction…..and beware of that Motel 6 in the book. You had best spend the night in a foxhole!

The Patreaus–Crocker Report: The missing strategy!

Is anyone really surprised regarding the contents of the General Davis Patreaus and Ryan Crocker Report?

Is Fred Thompson the candidate that the Republicans have been waiting for?

It’s time to stop acting like Democrats and more like Republicans, as we close in on the 2008 Election. Over that past year, the Republican Party has been looking at candidates who would quality for a popularity poll or beauty contest, rather than securing the Executive Branch for another four years! Up to now, all of the front runners will have a tough time defeating the Democratic candidate, even if it’s Hillary or Barack Obama, and especially if it’s Bill Richardson or some other Moderate Democrat! Why? The reason is that all of the front runners have baggage or are damaged goods!

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