Kevin Martin and the FCC’s vote on consolidation of the media on December 18th: Prepare to become dumber than you already are!

On December 18th, The FCC will host an Open Meeting to decide whether to allow Corporate America to monopolize the ownership of newspapers, television and radio, within a local area. In spite of outrage by the General Public, the House of Representatives and the Senate, Chairman Kevin J. Martin plans to give away the store and allow the “Corporate Media Giants” to receive an early Christmas present!

George W. Bush on Iran’s threat of a nuclear attack: When “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!”

President Bush’s enlightenment of the NIE Report is just another example of how inept this President and his Administration is regarding intelligence reports, especially if they do not support their agenda!

China: The grinch who stole Christmas! Are you placing your children’s safety at risk this Holiday season?

Having a problem as what to buy this year for Christmas? Are those toys safe? How about that clothing you wanted get for the kids, or for that matter, yourself? You’ve just entered the twilight zone of the world economy, and it’s starting to look really ugly. What you’ve saved in cheaply manufactured goods may well have to pay for medical treatment for lead and formaldehyde poisoning!

American Politics: What does God have to do with it?

Exactly when did God find his or her way into American Politics? It appears that all of the Presidential candidates have had to define their religious beliefs, as an integral part of their candidacy and platform! Personally, I really don’t give a damn what their religious beliefs are, but more importantly, why should we be obsessed with this irrelevant matter. It should be irrelevant as far as the American public is concerned. It may or may not be for the particular candidate. How have we arrived at this point in History?

Bush to Musharraf: How about some oldfashioned homespun advice?

We have seen the nadir of American Foreign Policy under the watch of the Bush Administration. The United States stepped up to the plate after WW II and out of the shadow of Isolationism to become the leader of the Free World during the Cold War and beyond. We triumphed over the Soviet Union and became THE only super power left. With that, a considerable amount of responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of the United States. Unfortunately, the shoulders of George W. Bush are not wide enough to carry such a load, and we’ve now become a punch line, if not the laughing stock of the world!

Exposing CIA Operative Valerie Plame Wilson: “None dare call it treason!”

John Stormer’s title of his controversial book lends a new meaning to the phrase, when we consider the Bush Administration’s exposure of CIA Operative Valerie Plame Wilson, as payback for Joe Wilson’s article in the New York Times. We have conveniently placed it aside, thanks to the lack of outrage by the Congress, the Media and the American Public!

The Fear Factor and how it controls American minds and American politics!

As citizens of the United States of America, we are, without a doubt, the safest nation in the world. We are the only Super Power left standing after the 20th Century of Total War and as well as the Cold War. After the fall of the Soviet Union, The United States remained the only nation who could influence any other nation in the world. We have the most advanced and best equipped Armed Forces of any nation today. Yet, Americans are becoming paranoid regarding their safety.

The 2007 Boston Red Sox: Can the “Cardiac Kids” do it again?

It’s not very often that I can really believe that the Red Sox can actually go all the way to win. Many of Red Sox Nation are accustomed to the disappointment of watching them almost win, but fate intervenes and they loose the final game. Forget the curse, it’s something made up by the Boston media!

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